channel chill is a sound project dedicated to relaxation and stress relief.

modern life, city dynamic, stress at work.... we all know the story, we all feel some pressure... here we offer you a way out.

whether you are at work, listening to empty stories of colleagues or unpleasant noises of the environment. whether you are somehow trying to relax or find peace and a safe place for your running mind. maybe you just cannot sleep?

tune into our first chill frequency and let yourself float in the continuous tranquillity of nature sounds and easy listening relaxation music.

now chill...


Channel Chill: That's two guys passionate about music and radio. As former colleagues, working at radio stations in our 20ies and 30ies, we are now living few 1000 kilometers apart. Since we never found a job we felt so strongly positive about and since we were and still are crazy and passionate about radio work, we decided to go back to it.

Now we are happy to offer you our new station - Channel Chill. During the day we want to lighten up your mood, energize you, help you regain focus, keep your presence and motivate you right on your work space or wherever you might need it. During the night we want to help you to relax, to forget about pressure and stress and to fall asleep in order to recharge your physical and mental reserves. It goes without saying that this means a music-only, commercial-free program. Because music is the key!

The first channel we present to you is mostly new age music. We call it "Zen Garden". Relax and chill with Deuter, David Sun, David Miles Huber, Dan Gibson, J.K.Chris (Explorers), J.S. Epperson, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and many others.

Our plan is to add at least two more channels with space music, ambient music (electronic and trance) and chill-out music. You are very welcome to support this idea and give us the material means to add more channels and more musical material by donating here.

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